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Links & Resources

Here are some of the readily available resources I like to recommend to young writers, or even to more experienced ones looking for inspiration.

Learn from the best, download and read the scripts for successful movies. There are many that are free online and good place to start is
For screenwriting support and industry info try ...
The Script Lab

There are some great TED talks on screenwriting, including by ...
Andrew Stanton
Jacqueline Woodson
Elizabeth Gilbert

Podcasts on screenwriting worth a listen ...
On the Page with Pilar Alessandra
Scriptnotes with John August & Craig Mazin
The Writers Panel with Ben Blacker
SundanceTV at the Sundance Film Festival
Some excellent books on the craft include ...
  • Story
    - Robert McKee
  • On Film-making
    - Alexander McKendrick
  • The Writer's Journey
    - Christopher Vogler
  • Adventures in the Screen Trade
    - William Goldman
  • Save the Cat!
    - Blake Snyder
  • The Coffee Break Screenwriter
    - Pilar Alessandra
  • Into the Woods
    - John Yorke